Sunday, March 7, 2010

Go time.

Lots of folks are wondering whether the rain is going to put a stop to Gettin' Sauced! Puh-leeeze. Man up, folks! It's just water. Get your head in the game, and get sauced, b/c it's on like Donkey Kong. Today. 5 PM. Franklin Barbecue. Do it.


Christopher Kuehl (Black's Barbecue) said...

Drew and team - The event tonight was awesome and we were glad that we could be there. It was great seeing you all again, and we're looking forward to learning the results of the competition and to participating in the next contest (time for a brisket cook-off?).

Drew Thornley said...

Awesome having you guys. Thanks for the door prizes, for putting up a tent, and for all the terrific sauces!

JPa said...

i like brisket cook off!!!