Monday, March 15, 2010

Killin' 2 birds with 1 party

I invited all the Gettin' Sauced! volunteers over last Wednesday night for some food and drinks, as a small token of my appreciation for the amazing job they did at the event. But, of course, as my friends put themselves second, they took the opportunity to throw me a surprise birthday party. (That's right. 30 years ago today, I busted up on the scene at 6:15 PM, just in time for dinner.) I had a bag full of food, courtesy of Meyer's Elgin Smokehouse; Russell brought sausage from Whole Foods; and Jenny brought some pork chops from the original Perry's Steakhouse. Throw in cookies from Kelly, 3 kinds of cupcakes from Ashley, a cookie cake from Dana, and the entertainment that Rex naturally provides, and you've got yourself a party. Here are some pics of the food prep. More pics on the way later today. And, yes, that's a legit school desk; and it's awesome.

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