Monday, November 1, 2010

John Mueller BBQ Giveaway Winners, To Date

Here are the lucky winners of the John Mueller BBQ giveaways we've held the past 5 weeks:

#1 (whole brisket): Gavin (Austin, TX)

#2 (catered meal for 10): Chris (Austin, TX)

#3 (whole brisket): Kent (Dallas, TX)

#4 (4 lbs. of meat): Jason (Fort Worth, TX)

#5A (whole brisket): Rita (Dallas, TX)

#5B (4 lbs. of meat): Currently a tie between Arun & Jenner. Jenner's up for a double-or-nothing tiebreaker. Haven't heard from Arun. (Arun: Email me!) If Arun's not up for the DON tiebreaker, then I'll just pick a name out of a hat. And that will be boring.

Big thanks to John, for making these giveaways possible. More to come!

UPDATE: Arun's in! As soon as I get each prediction for tonight's MNF game, I'll let you know.

2ND UPDATE: The tiebreaker resulted in a tie! Arun and Jenner each win 4 lbs. of BBQ from John!


Arun said...

Double or Nothing? Sounds good to me!

Drew Thornley said...

Sweet. Send me your prediction for tonight's Texans-Colts game!!!