Monday, November 15, 2010

Want a brand-new knife to cut your Thanksgiving turkey?

Our friends at BBQ Pro Shop have a "sharp" giveaway for the Thanksgiving holiday. Do one or both of the following, for your chance to win an Ergo Chef Pro-Series 8 inch German Stainless Chef Knife.

1. Follow BBQ Pro Shop on Twitter and then tweet one product from their website that you feel would be a great gift this holiday season. AND/OR

2. Go to BBQ Pro Shop's Facebook page and suggest it to your friends with a post about why you love BBQ.

The most creative post, tweet, or product share will win the Ergo knife, which BBQ Pro Shop will ship via Priority Mail on Friday night and have at your doorstep by the holidays. USA only. Contest ends this Friday at 11 AM Central.

About the knife: The Ergo Chef Pro-Series 8 inch German Stainless Chef Knife is highly recommended as the finest in the industry. The Ergo Chef Pro Series has a patented ergonomic design for unmatched comfort and control. The Ergo Chef Pro Series is of superior quality using German Stainless Steel and Abbreviated bolster for full tang and strength. This perfectly balanced chef knife has a seamless molded POM Ergonomic handle and a lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects in workmanship. The Chef knife is the Work Horse in the kitchen. Our patented design, with its ergonomic angled handle, can make virtually all types of cutting more comfortable and effortless than standard knives (cutlery). This chef cutlery helps reduce wrist movement during chopping, and can decrease stress on the muscles in your wrist, hand and forearm; and the extended heel or blade of the knife prevents your knuckles from contacting the cutting surface. The cutlery is perfectly balanced and ground to perfection. Once you try it, you will want no other. Ergo knives were highly rated by The Art Institute of New York City.

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Anonymous said...

Uh, done.
Top 5 reasons to love all things BBQ:
1. All meat-even viennas-can be barbequed
2. BBQ+football+ beer=perfection
3. BBQ is a noun, verb and an adjective
5. BBQ is a competitive sport

Love, Jessica Hooper