Tuesday, November 16, 2010

QOTD: Any good BBQ in Lubbock?

Making first trip to Lubbock this weekend. Any BBQ joints worth a visit?

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Jacob said...


What are you going to LBK for. Are you going to make the Tech Weber State football game? Should be good. I have a line of some tickets if you are interested. You could have called me, I would have set you up. I'll type it up anyway. Two places to go.

First: Tom & Bingo's Hickory Pit. They are only open until they sell out, and they don't make a whole lot, so the tend to run out if you wait much past the lunch hour. I would say get there before 1PM. They only have sandwiches and bags of chips. Be sure to check out the photos of the wife (Bingo) on the wall, she was a Mrs. Texas and quite a looker in her youth (actually she is still really attractive last I recall.)
Location: 3006 34th Street. It is on the north side of the street, small building that looks like it is made of sticks.

Second: Wiley's BBQ. Located on the east side of town, right across the street from where I use to work. This is true southern soul style BBQ. While I tend to like my bbq cooked differently, this is still the best place in town. The sandwiches are huge, and the prices low. Open until night time, but I still suggest getting there around lunch when the meat gets off the smoker.
Location: 1805 Parkway Drive. It is weird to get too, you have to go down to the next light, and get on a quasi-access rode to turn around. Across from a library.

Finally, I have told you this before and I will tell you another time. The absolute best in the West is actually about 50 minutes east of Lubbock. TC's Ponderosa in Dickens, Texas is the only place outside of central Texas that I consider a favorite BBQ stop. If you have the time, make the trip out there and eat up. Well worth time trip.