Sunday, November 21, 2010

Texas BBQ is so good it's smuggled.

From Kevin's BBQ Joints, my buddy Kevin's fantastic site:

Dallas, TX – November 17, 2010 – Airport screening technology came in handy Tuesday when officials at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport caught a man trying to smuggle BBQ out of Texas.

Luckily, local BBQ aficionado John Stevenson was about to board a Southwest Airlines flight to Las Vegas in the adjacent terminal and was brought in to identify the contraband. “From what I could tell, it appeared he had a complete fully cooked brisket as well as beef ribs beneath his clothing. We knew he wasn’t from these parts as no one in Texas would dare use BBQ sauce on a perfectly smoked brisket.” A full bottle of sauce was found taped to his midsection, but it was unclear if this was going to be used on the BBQ in question.

Authorities confirmed that trying to take BBQ out of Texas was not a crime, but felt “it was just the wrong thing to do” and that “Texas BBQ should stay in Texas, simple as that”. A “Don’t Mess with Texas” was heard muttered in the background, but it appeared to be coming from a man standing by a nearby magazine rack.

At press time authorities still had the man detained for further questioning.

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