Saturday, November 13, 2010

Q set to open Monday at the Hyatt Regency San Antonio

From the press release (hat tip to The Waspy Redhead):

Hyatt Regency San Antonio Brings International BBQ to the Riverwalk with the New Q

Barbeque has been raised to new heights at Q, the new concept restaurant slated to open at Hyatt Regency San Antonio on Monday, November 15, 2010. The restaurant is part of Hyatt Regency San Antonio’s $30 million renovation, designed to keep this landmark Riverwalk hotel as cutting-edge today as it was when it opened its doors 28 years ago. Unique to the Hyatt Regency and one of the only restaurants of its kind in the country, Q’s eclectic menu draws in mouthwatering culinary influences from many regions such as Brazil, Asia, Morocco, the Caribbean and the United States.

Contrary to popular Texas opinion, barbeque is not native to the Lone Star State—or even the United States for that matter! Cooking meat over an open fire is something we’ve been doing since the Stone Age. Since then, cultures across the world have put their own vivid twist on cooking meat over fire.

Executive Chef Eddie Peyer, who has been with the Hyatt Regency since its doors opened nearly three decades ago, has discovered and collected the globe’s best barbeque recipes for Q. Aiming to broaden diners’ barbeque horizons, Q has a custom-made Wall of Fire, which is part traditional smoker, part Argentenian churrasco grill, part European-style rotisserie grill—each part making up a complete sensory experience.

Once you enter Q, you are greeted with sleek, modern lines and dark walnut tables juxtaposed with rugged, laid-back Western denim wear and jelly-jar glasses, making this the place to take it easy while enjoying some real delicious grub cooked right before your eyes!

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Bo Joseph said...

This new concept sounds quite amazing,and will definitely be on the agenda next time I head to the Alamo City. Also on the agenda, the opening of New Orleans (geaux tigers, geaux saints!) Celebrity Chef John Besh's new restaurant on the riverwalk: