Saturday, February 5, 2011

BBQ doesn't top the list for The Big D

There's a full-page piece in this weekend's Wall Street Journal about Dallas' art scene. Underneath the article, 4 notable Dallasites - Luke Wilson, Karen Katz, Jose Antonio Bowen, & Kent Rathbun - each list 5 of their favorite Dallas sights & restaurants. Not a single BBQ joint mentioned. Is this b/c Dallas just isn't a BBQ town, or is it b/c of the people the WSJ picked? Maybe a 6th pick from one of them woulda been BBQ?


Paul R. Wood said...

I wonder if any of these folks are born and raised Dallas people or just another set of transplants from north of the Red River. Oh well. Q it does a body good!

Don O. said...

Well I wouldn't worry about what the yuppies say or do. I just came from North Main BBQ in Euless and there were probably 30 folks there with Green Bay or Pittsburgh jerseys on, so the word DOES get around.