Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More pics from Snow's BBQ


beerntexas said...

Not to bag on Snow's, and perhaps I am missing something, but brisket in those pictures doesn't look that good.

I see the smoke ring, but the rest looks dry with no crust. Or is that some other meat?

Comparing the photos to the super bowl bbq coverage, and the super bowl stuff looks much more appetizing.

Drew Thornley said...

Thanks for weighing in. Some of the meats in these pics are brisket, some are pork ribs, some are pork shoulder. And chicken and sausage. Which pics are you referring to? I'm always interested to get people's reactions to any pics, so thanks again for commenting.

beerntexas said...

Yeah, I guess I should have specified...




Again, not bagging on snows, as they have tasty brisket, just that in the photos the meat looks odd.
If these are not brisket, then disregard.

Drew Thornley said...

The long, light-brown meats are the brisket slices.

Joel said...

Made my first pilgrimage to Snow's this past weekend and they definitely delivered on the hype. Had I not been to Franklin BBQ multiple times I would have walked away saying this was definitely the best brisket I have ever had. Where they really impressed me was that pretty much everything they served was top notch which is no easy feat for most BBQ joints. The staff was extremely nice and welcoming and made for a wonderful Saturday morning.