Monday, August 5, 2013

Todd hits up Smoki O's (St. Louis)

Man Upper Todd Plunk recent hit up Smoki O's in St. Louis. His report & pics:

St. Louis is perhaps just as famous for BBQ as Texas, the main pork reigns supreme, not brisket. So when I found myself in St. Louis I had to indulge. There are certainly a few great places in town that serve up the ' is just one such spot.

Founded by Earline and Otis Walker back in 1999, "Smoki O's St. Louis Style Bar-B-Que" located at 1545 N. Broadway, is still a family-run establishment. Traveling along with my two buddies Jason and John, we ordered quite a lot of pound of pulled pork, a rack and a half of St. Louis spare ribs, macaroni and cheese, greens, and some legit cornbread.

The pulled pork was simply amazing, so moist, so much flavor, just delicious. Being from Texas, we often get lulled into eating baby backs, so when the spare ribs came out, the extra meat was a great treat.  Served wet and cooked over charcoal, there is a reason St. Louis is known for their ribs. The sides while good, were certainly not the main attraction...when you visit, head straight for the meat!

Smoki O's is a great place for some authentic St. Louis barbeque, if you're in the neighborhood, make sure you stop by...with the likes of Don King and Andrew Zimmern on the walls, you just never know who you might 'meat.'


Photo Captions
Photo 1: front door
Photo 3: street view
Photo 4: Don King
Photo 5: Pork!
Photo 6: A plate of pork
Photo 7: Menu
Photo 8: Andrew Zimmern
Photo 9: Son and Father, Christopher and Otis Walker

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