Thursday, August 29, 2013

Where's the SECOND best BBQ in the Big 12?

FINALLY! College football resumes today. All is right in the world again. In a nod to my surroundings, I turn today not to my beloved Alabama Crimson Tide and the Southeastern Conference. Rather, I'll make today's Question of the Day about the Big 12. I presume that most of my readership would say that, of all the campus towns in the Big 12, Austin has the best BBQ. By all means, if you disagree, let me know. But for the rest of you, my question is this: Which campus town has the SECOND best BBQ in the Big 12?

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Drew Thornley said...

Reply to me via Twitter: "tough call. Without knowing anything about Morgantown, I would say Kansas due to proximity to KCity. Not my beloved @TexasTech. Love the city, BBQ leaves you wanting."