Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Updates from Pecan Lodge

Pecan Lodge (Dallas) is one of the Texas BBQ joints that has received so much publicity and acclaim that big crowds & long lines are part of the experience. In an effort to make it easier to dine at/from PL, they've implemented a couple of changes. In their words:

1. A second cash register has been added that will primarily serve as an "Express Line" for those ordering 5lbs or more. This means at any time (without notice) you can walk up and place your order without waiting in the main line.

2. Pre-Orders can be made with 2 days advanced noticed by sending an email to catering@pecanlodge.com. Pre-Orders must be for whole products (whole briskets, racks of ribs, etc) and can be picked up anytime from 11am to 3pm on days that we're open.

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journiemajor said...

My dad's originally from Texas, but he's been in L.A. for the past 13 years. I live in Austin. We both went home to Dallas this past weekend, and he wanted to take me to Pecan Lodge, but, they don't open till Wednesday and I had to be back at work in Austin, so he went on his own. He said it was very good. I'm gonna have to try it the next time I go home.