Tuesday, April 10, 2012

#2 seeds in our BBQ bracket

These towns didn't get as many nominations as Austin, Lockhart, Tulsa, & Luling, but they got more than any all the rest. The #2 seeds for our BBQ bracket are: Memphis, Kansas City, Dallas, & Llano (TX). To announce the #3 seeds, I need some help with a tiebreak. Two of the #3 seeds are locked up. The other two #3 seeds are up for grabs, with a 3-city tie: Birmingham (AL), Elgin (TX), and Lexington (TX). (Not trying to influence the vote here or anything, but if you've been to B'ham, you know that even a #3 seed does not do it justice. Just sayin'.) TODAY ONLY, via comments to this post and via Twitter, take part in tiebreak voting. Pick 1 or 2 of the 3 (Birmingham AL, Elgin TX, Lexington TX).


Jacob said...

I will give a vote to Alabama.

Also a vote for Elgin. This was tough. Lexington has one of the best bbq places in the state... but that is all they have 1 day a week. Elgin does have four bbq places, so they win on numbers alone.

Drew Thornley said...

My thoughts exactly.

Ashton1961 said...

Unfortunately I can't speak to Birminghams BBQ, but I can to the two Texas places. Have to agree with Jacob Elgin over Lexington!