Wednesday, April 4, 2012

QOTD: What's the Best BBQ in Waco?

In honor of the Baylor Lady Bears, who capped an undefeated season last night with a national championship, we turn our attention to Waco. [Side note, and no offense here, ladies, but who ya got in a game between the 40-0 Baylor women's team and the Baylor University men's intramural champions?] Waco has a few options for smoked meats. Which one is the best?


Jacob said...

Viteks BBQ

Waco offers something different for BBQ fans and true Texans, "the gut pack". I have only tried it at two places, but I liked it. The gut pack combines frito pie (a Texas favorite) with brisket and sausage (a Texas favorite). Granted, the bbq is not "amazing!" but I think Viteks BBQ is a good stop, especially if you are stuck in Waco.

For straight up BBQ, I would give a vote to Mamma and Pappa BBQ.

Now lets be honest, I had no idea the Lady Bears won a championship last night.

Drew Thornley said...

Twitter reply: "Uncle Dan's. Best in Waco, but still not that great though."

Michael L Brown said...

For the best. BBQ in Waco, you have to head to the east side of town to Tony DeMaria's.

Honorable mentions go to Vitek's and Rusty Star.
Uncle Dan's and Rudy's are serviceable but not spectacular.
Michna's is insufferable.

I hear that the guy that used to own Rusty Star bought and re-opened Jasper's. I have not tried it yet, but that has the potential to be very good.

Drew Thornley said...

Twitter reply: "the Gut Pak from Vitek's. Its like BBQ chaos in a bowl."

DavieG said...

Should give Uncle Dan's a second chance. They have a new pit master, so big changes going on.

esellori said...
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