Monday, April 16, 2012

#9, #10, and #11 seeds in our BBQ bracket

Following your tiebreak voting, we have the 9-11 seeds:

#9: Chicago, Washington DC, Abilene (TX), Santa Maria (CA)
#10: Oklahoma City, College Station (TX), Seguin (TX), Tyler (TX)
#11: Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill (NC), Amarillo (TX), Richmond (TX), Bryan (TX)

As for the #12 seeds, we have 5 cities tied for the 4 spots: Los Angeles, Gastonia (NC), Kyle (TX), Giddings (TX), & Fredericksburg (TX). So, one of them's gotta go. VOTE!


Eric said...

Los Angeles, Gastonia (NC), Giddings (TX), & Fredericksburg (TX)

Drew Thornley said...

Same votes as @hedrives. Kyle is starting out in a hole.

Jacob said...

hate to say it, kick out kyle

vote for: Giddings, Fredricksburg, LA and Gastonia.

Ashton1961 said...

I'd be lying if I said LA never been there so I will have to go with Gastonia & Fredricksberg 1st then Giddings &last would be Kyle.