Wednesday, April 11, 2012

#3 and #4 seeds in our BBQ bracket

Texas continues to rack up the high seeds. (See #1 and #2 seeds.) The four cities that land #3 seeds are Houston (TX), Taylor (TX), Elgin (TX), & Birmingham (AL). So, for those keeping score, 8 of the top 12 seeds are from Texas. Thoughts on that? Moving on: Our #4 seeds are Atlanta, Northport (AL), San Antonio, & Lexington (TX). Ten of the top 16 from Texas. We have 7 cities tied for #5 seeds: Tuscaloosa (AL), Spicewood (TX), New York City, Fort Worth, New Orleans, Lexington (NC), & San Marcos (TX). So, we need you to break the tie. Which one(s) of these should snag a 5 spot? To vote (anytime today or tomorrow), comment below this post, email me, or vote via Twitter.


Jacob said...

Tuscaloosa, AL
Ft. Worth
Lexington, NC
San Marcos

Hard for me to pick New York, as I have never had BBQ in that city.... and I hate Yankees and Giants

Lexington NC deserves the spot as they developed a whole style of BBQ (Carolina BBQ started there).

Ashton1961 said...

#3 Elgin & Taylor
#4 Lexington,Tx & Atlanta
#5 San Marcos & New Orleans,

Eric said...

Lexington is a must.

I'll go Tuscaloosa and New York, mostly for variety.