Saturday, April 14, 2012

#7 and #8 seeds in our BBQ bracket

After yesterday's tiebreak voting, we have the four #7 seeds for our BBQ bracket: St. Louis, Gonzales (TX), Owensboro (KY), & Waco (TX). We also have the 8 spots: Decatur (AL), Belton (TX), Lubbock (TX), & Driftwood (TX). As for the #9 seeds, we have 11 cities in a tie:

Tyler (TX)
Seguin (TX)
Santa Maria (CA)
Richmond (TX)
Oklahoma City
Washington, DC
College Station (TX)
Bryan (TX)
Abilene (TX)
Amarillo (TX)

Obviously, your votes will settle the #9, #10, and three of the four #11 seeds. Tiebreak voting lasts today & tomorrow.

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