Saturday, April 14, 2012

30 minutes 'til opening at Franklin Barbecue

Reader Chase Hanna snapped these pics a few minutes ago outside Franklin Barbecue (Austin, TX). Pics were taken at 10:30. Franklin's doors open at 11. Many thanks, Chase, for allowing me to post your pictures. Speaking of Franklin, owner/pitmaster Aaron Franklin joined Twitter. Follow him at @bbqfranklin.


Daft Bastard said...

That is absolutely crazy!
I would never stand in a line that long for anyones BBQ.
Actually, I think a line THAT long for BBQ in Texas is sacrilege. No self respecting Texan would stand out there, they would go home and just cook their own damn brisket!
too many foreigners here I guess!

The Didd said...

I think he is more bastard than draft! Most people who like Franklin BBQ are probably happy that they don't have to stand in line with a jerk like Draft!