Friday, April 20, 2012

Final 15 spots in BBQ bracket up for grabs!

Seeds 1 through 12 have been confirmed, and 1 (Kyle, TX) of the four #13 seeds is locked up. That leaves 3 of the four #13 seeds and all of the 14-16 seeds still up for grabs. Based on your nominations, 20 cities are still tied for these final 15 spots in the bracket. So, through Sunday, tiebreak voting to see which 15 emerge to complete the bracket. Vote for as few as 1 or as many as 15. Email me your votes, leave them as a comment below this post, or vote via Twitter or Facebook. The 20 in contention are:

Blytheville, AR
Columbus, TX
Denton, TX
Galveston, TX
Garland, TX
Hot Springs, AR
Huntsville, AL
Huntsville, TX
Junction, TX
Manor, TX
Norfolf, VA
Red Oak, TX
Salado, TX
Sisterdale, TX
Smithville, TX
Victoria, TX

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