Monday, April 2, 2012

San Antonio BBQ joint calls out Urbanspoon reviews.

Ever wonder if the restaurant review you're reading on a review site is legit? Or whether it's a smear post from a rival proprietor? Well, the owner of Big Lou's Burgers & BBQ (San Antonio, TX) BBQ joint smelled the latter and did something about it. Check it out (See March 25, 2012, comment from wbcloverleaf.).


Jacob said...

quote from the rant: "What are the odds that this "person" visited 3 or 4 different BBQ places in the same day and that 6 out of 7 local eateries were "horrible" or "sucked" but was able to find the best bbq in the city at the same time?"

I find this funny only because it is very common for me to eat multiple BBQ place all in the same day when visiting.

Still I have added this place to try. It appears to be the same place that has the 42 inch pizza on Man vs Food.

Javier said...

Same here. I typically hit up 3 or 4 BBQ places in the same day when in Texas. Most because I'm only there once a year.