Friday, April 13, 2012

#5 and #6 seeds in our BBQ bracket

After 2 days of tiebreak voting, we have our four #5 seeds: Tuscaloosa (AL), Lexington (NC), San Marcos (TX), & New Orleans. Right behind them are our #6 seeds: New York City, Spicewood (TX), Nashville, & Fort Worth. As for the #7 seeds, we need you to break a tie among the following: Decatur (AL), Driftwood (TX), Gonzales (TX), Lubbock (TX), Waco (TX), Owensboro (KY), & St. Louis. Vote for up to 4 of these 7 cities. Voting period is TODAY ONLY.


Eric said...

St. Louis

Jacob said...

I'm a proud Texas Tech Red Raider, lived in Lubbock for 6 years, and I can not justify giving LBK a 7 seed. There is just to much really bad bbq that the 2 decent places don't lift it up.

Owensboro KY
St Louis MO
Waco, TX
Gonzalez TX

Drew Thornley said...

I knew I could count on you two. Thanks!!!

negatorian said...

St. Louis, Mo.
Gonzalez, TX
Waco, TX