Thursday, December 27, 2012

All-Star Sauces are en route!!!

As some of you know, we recently launched a mail-order club for award-/contest-winning BBQ sauces. All-Star Sauces ships two bottles of sauce every other month, with each shipment coming from a different vendor. Well, yesterday, our very first shipment (Jan/Feb 2013) went out from Grumpy's BBQ Sauce (Thornton, CO). Too late to snag the Grumpy's shipment, but order anytime, and you will receive the next available shipment. To receive the Mar/Apr 2013 shipment, order by 5PM Central on February 15, 2013. This is a brand-new venture, and we are still tweaking and refining, but we think it's a pretty cool program and would be honored to have your business. If you don't want the sauce but would like to support me financially in a personal capacity, I accept cash and checks and gift cards!!!


3rdDegreeBerns said...

thank you for finally doing this! Wish I had known at the onset of this venture but will get on board.

Drew Thornley said...

Hop on board!!!