Thursday, December 6, 2012

Is City Market in Luling among the best in the world?

I didn't know about it until this weekend, when the Austin American-Statesman's John Kelso wrote about it, but City Market was named back in August by Newsweek magazine as one of the World's 101 Best Places to Eat. The list was apparently compiled by 53 chefs. The City Market contribution came from Ford Fry, of JCT Kitchen in Atlanta. He writes of City Market, "The best Texas barbecue—a little less than an hour south of Austin. Everyone says brisket is king in Texas, and yes, it is, but in the Hill Country, beef sausage is king!" To Joe and all at City Market, congrats! City Market, as much as anywhere else, CM is somewhere you know will be good the moment you first smell what is coming from the pit. Real smoking. Butcher paper. Grease. Great. It's always good to see Texas joints getting national exposure. Speaking of which, how do you feel about City Market's inclusion on the list? Warranted? Would it make your list of the 101 best places to eat in the world? Would another Texas BBQ joint?


bubba said...

No, it would not make my list because I ate there, and it wasn't that good. And I heard a rumor that they use a Southern Pride ELECTRIC oven just so they can pump out big production. So no, they won't make my list. John Mueller makes wayyy better brisket and ribs than City Market could ever dream of making!

Drew Thornley said...

Facebook reply: "No, it's not. The guy from Atlanta who posted that does not know what he is talking about."

Don O. said...

Well, I think it is. I have had plenty of moist smokey brisket, tender ribs, and great sausage there. It is certainly top 5 in my book.