Monday, December 31, 2012

Time to vote for our 2012 Readers' Choice Awards!

It's the last day of 2012, so time to reflect on the copious amounts of smoked meat you've consumed this year in Texas. After you've flipped through the BBQ annals of your mind, let us know what your favorites were, by voting in our 2012 Reader's Choice Awards. We had 5 RCA categories last year, but I'm gonna expand it by two categories this year. NOTE: These awards are for TEXAS BBQ joints, so if you send me some garbage about a place in Memphis or KC, I'm tossing it!!! (Just kidding about the garbage part, Memphis & KC people...but not about tossing it!) The 7 categories are...

Pork Ribs
Beef Ribs

For any/all, email me your votes. NO TIES. If you send me two or more BBQ joints for any category, no vote will be recorded for that category. So, suck it up, & pick just one. Voting lasts through January 31. VOTE!!!