Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Big day for Blue Ribbon Barbecue

As if catering an event at the UT football stadium for Mack Brown & Company (not to mention running a restaurant downtown) isn't enough for one day, Blue Ribbon Barbecue will be catering the Easton Corbin show tonight in the KASE Live Music Lounge over at Penn Field. Speaking of Mack Brown, I saw him interviewed the other day, and he just can't seem to get past losing to my Crimson Tide. C'mon, Mack! It's a new season, you've got loads of talent, and you had a killer recruiting class. Just roll with it. Anyway, congrats, Bobby, and everyone at Blue Ribbon!

Don't forget to enter to win prizes from Blue Ribbon in our Texas BBQ Giveaway. You've got through August 23 to enter. It's free, and you can get all the answers you need via Blue Ribbon's website, so quit tarrying and email me your entry!

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