Thursday, August 5, 2010

Event Announcement: Godfrey's "Back In the Day Get Together"

Godfrey’s Taste of Texas BBQ
"Back In the Day Get Together"

(Grown-ups only, youngsters need not apply!):

When: Saturday August 7, 2010 @ 7:00pm - Until

Where: 101 E. Pecan Street (FM 1825), Pflugerville, TX (512) 251-1118

Food: $10.00 all you can put on "A" platter...
(Godfrey’s BBQ & ????)

Activities: Domino & Card Tables (Amateurs & So Call Professionals)

Entertainment: Music (90’s, 80's, 70's, 60's...): Blues, Rock, R & B, Jazz, Country, and of course "The Electric Slide"...

Cheer: Drinks (Complimentary Adult Punch) $2.00 Beer, or BYOB) Set-ups available

Seating: (Indoor & Outdoor) It's that time again! Eating! Drinking! Relaxing! Meeting! Mingling!

"Sign-up for the upcoming Domino & Card Tournaments...Win bragging rights & trophies to boot!"

In a nutshell: Just a little bit of summer fun, at the end of another grueling workweek. (A Get-out-the-House Get Together)

Invite Some Friends!

See Y'all there!

-Smokin "G"

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