Thursday, August 5, 2010

Smoke Shack (Austin, TX)

Heading up Hwy. 620 last week, I saw smoke coming out of a trailer next to a food cart so made a quick exit off the road. Turns out it's a new BBQ trailer called Smoke Shack (don't know address; my guess is that it's about 4 miles N of Hwy 71 on 620). The guy that runs it (James, I think) told me he opened 7 weeks ago and that he already has a loyal following out in the Lakeway area. Anyone been? I didn't stop to eat, since I had just finished lunch. He told me the brisket wasn't quite ready yet but gave me a few small slices anyway. It wasn't ready. James (Someone, pls correct me on this, if I'm wrong about his name.) wants to bring some Louisiana flair to Texas BBQ, so he puts a Cajun rub on his briskets. Not sure about the other meats. Looking forward to having a proper roadside meal next time I'm in Lakeway.


Jacob said...

Hmm I may go try this on saturday. Did they happen to give you opening and closing hours?
What was it close too that would help me find it.

Drew Thornley said...

Don't recall a landmark, but I think there's a big "BBQ" sign. Just go North thru the main intersection in Lakeway, and I believe it's just another couple of miles. On your right.

aefulcher said...

James is "fully open," now and hours are from 6:30a (bkfst tacos) to around 7p. Baby backs on the weekends. The chop brisket sandwich was excellent. Past 620 & General Williamson, east of Hudson Bend middle school on 620.