Thursday, August 26, 2010

Calling all BBQ joints, caterers, sauce vendors, and rub/seasoning sellers

Need feedback on something your testing our for your menu? Want some opinions on one or more of your products? The Man-Up crew is convening next week for a blind tasting of some rubs and sauces that have been sent to me during the past few weeks. I'm the only one who will know what each product is, and I won't be commenting, so it's a great chance for some honest, objective feedback from a large group of BBQ fanatics. Email if you're interested. If you're interested but can't get anything to me before Wednesday, no worries, b/c we'll have more blind tastings in the future.

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Drew Thornley said...

Already heard from a BBQ joint that's gonna send some rubs. They wanted to know whether the rub will be tasted by itself or used for cooking. Answer: I plan to serve the rubs/spices on the same meat(s), as directed; but if the sender wants us to do otherwise, we will do as requested.