Sunday, August 22, 2010

Good times in Taylor, Texas

I spent yesterday manning a booth for The Q Card at the 33rd Annual Taylor International Barbeque Cookoff in Taylor, Texas. It was a hot one. I was sweating all day from my spot under the covered pavilion, but I'm sure that was nothing compared to being out in the park all day, surrounded by the smokers. At any rate, I was so glad to see my buddies BBQ Snob, Fulmer, and Houston Foodie and meet Don O. and Chris from the Texas BBQ Posse. It was also great to meet some other Twitter connections from Houston (sensestorm, teridrink, & Bitspitter) and to meet and hang out with Dean from Taylor Sporting Goods, whose booth was across from mine. The bad part about having to work the booth was that I couldn't join my BBQ blogging friends for an early lunch at Louie Mueller Barbecue and couldn't walk around and enjoy the cooking! Thankfully, the BBQ Snob brought me a beef rib, which I made quick work of. Pics from the event coming up (In the meantime, check out Bitspitter's pics from all the BBQ they had yesterday.)...

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