Monday, August 9, 2010

Latest trip to Cooper's (Llano)

Russell led the charge at Cooper's the last time we were in Llano. According to RP, Cooper's is the first stop of any proper day trip to Llano. In his words:

Just a word to the wise blogsphere public: Personally, I think the ideal way to man up on Llano (which, by the way, is a great place to man up & is where my great grandfather Papa-Gus Parish grew up) is as follows:

First, hit up Coopers old time pit BBQ and man up and order your personal choice of brisket, a beef rib, a half chicken and a pork rib, right off their classic outdoor pit. Then help yourself to some of their delicious beens and jalepeno peppers and some truly heavenly sweet tea. Simply an unforgettable and authenticall Texan hill country experience.

Next, go tour the beautiful courtyard of the courthouse and downtown Llano area, complete with civil war and WWII memorials.

Then, man up in a big way and jump in the beautiful Llano River for a truly exhilarating experience. No...that is not all...then a person ought to run by Inman's and pic up a loaf of fresh bread and some jalapeño turkey cheese sausage to go, as well as drop in at Miller's smokehouse next door for a link of venison sausage to toss in your freezer for later.

Finally, on the way back to 'civilization' of the ATX, one is highly encouraged to drive by Lake LBJ and take in the sights, & then to stop in at Opie's BBQ in spicewood for some spicy ribs, sides & delectable desert(s)...Now ... That there, really in any order you choose to do it, makes for what I call manning up on a Tx hill country adventure in some of the prettiest territory that the good Lord ever made, Llano, TX.

RP's scores for Cooper's (Safe to say he loves it.): Atmosphere - 9.98; Brisket - 9.94; Pork ribs - 9.99; Chicken - 9.99; Slaw - 9.98; Beans - 9.99; Overall - 9.97.

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