Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Friday, July 3, 2010: Texas Rib Kings (Austin, TX)

A few weeks ago, Todd, Amir, and Josh hit up Texas Rib Kings in North Austin (9012 Research Blvd.), a first for Man Up. Here's the review that Todd emailed me, along with their scores:

Sandwiched in-between an Irish pub and a second hand clothes shop is probably not a typical place to run a barbecue joint, especially in Texas, but if you look close enough, you will find Texas Rib Kings. Over the July 4th weekend, Josh, Amir & myself (Todd) visited Texas Rib Kings, here's a brief recap and our scores. We visited on a Friday around lunch time and noticed the place strangely quiet and relatively empty, so walked up to the counter and ordered right away. Although they offer all-you-can-eat platters, we opted for the 2 meat plates with sides. Overall this place is good, although nothing too amazing to write home about. In talking with the owner, Dan Harrington, he mentioned they primarily focus on competition (also evident by the awards on the wall) & catering, which might explain their location and lack of traffic on a beautiful Friday afternoon. Even though this place will not be making my short list for BBQ in Austin, it is certainly a welcomed addition to the greater BBQ family.

Todd's scores - Pork ribs: 8.6; Beef rib: 7.1; Macaroni & ceese: 7.5; Corn on the cb: 7.5; Sweet ta: 9.5; Overall experience: 8.5

Amir's scores - Pork ribs: 8.3; Brisket: 7.5; Green beans: 9.1; Macaroni & cheese: 6.1; Overall experience: 7.5

Josh's scores - Pork ribs: 8.5; Brisket: 5.8; Green beans: 8.2; Macaroni & cheese: 7.1; Overall experience: 8

Overall Man-Up Score: 8

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