Saturday, August 14, 2010

Texas Grilling in the A-T-L

I was so delighted when my aunt in Atlanta called to tell me that the family got together and made the Texas Turkey Meatloaf Burgers that Brad and I made for the Take On Turkey Challenge. And the icing on the cake was that they actually thought they were good! Her recap:

Wow!!!!!! Eating those "Texas Turkey Meatloaf Burgers" made Saturday night dinner so special. First we went to the grocery store to buy all the ingredients. We took our list and found everything we needed.(We could not get Honeysuckle White Turkey so we bought the best Kroger had.) We came home and set everything out on the counter just like you had in the video. We got the biggest mixing bowl we had and got started to see just what all the fuss was over the Texas burgers. We all said there is no way that they could possibly compare with Georgia beef burgers. We made the burgers, cooked them on the grill, brought them in and begin to CHOW down. The whole family began to smile at each other, lick our lips, and grab another Texas burger!!! We cannot wait to share with all our Georgia friends a new BBQ recipe. Thanks for turning us on to turkey! Also you looked real cool in the video. I cannot close without a ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lovingly from your Georgia family.....your favorite aunt, Carol

(FTR: If I looked cool, then Brad must have doctored the video in some way. Just wait until I post the outtakes; you'll see how cool I am.)

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