Thursday, December 30, 2010

Free BBQ at Gov. Perry's Inauguration

From the Houston Chronicle:

AUSTIN — Organizers of Gov. Rick Perry's swearing-in ceremony are staging an event that combines Texas culinary sensibilities with the hard economic times: free barbecue.

Event planners stress that Texans still need tickets to get into the Jan. 18 event, but they're free to those who sign up in advance on the Texas inaugural website.

Inaugural spokeswoman Sarah Beck said on Thursday that organizers scaled down inaugural events, ditched the parade and are holding a free barbecue on the Capitol grounds to let "people keep more of their own money" in a tight economy. Four years ago, tickets to the barbecue were $8.

*Anyone know who's catering?


Jennifer said...

Eddie Deen

Drew Thornley said...

Jennifer says Eddie Deen.

Anyone else back her up on this?

Todd said...

Jennifer tells no lies. Eddie has catered this event for years. A few years back, I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Dean...he even let me ride his 'bike' :)