Sunday, December 12, 2010

QOTD: What's your ideal 3-meat plate?

Build your perfect meal from among all Texas BBQ joints. 3 meats, 2 sides, a dessert, and a drink. Pick a different place for each item, if you wish (meaning the max # of places you could list would be 7), or put all your eggs in one basket and pick your meal from a single place. Or anything in between. It's your plate. What are you putting on it?


Don O. said...

Brisket-City Market Luling,
Ribs-North Main BBQ Euless,
Jalapeno Cheese Sausage-Kreuz Market Lockhart,
Shak Beans-Baby Back Shak Dallas,
Potato Salad-Baker's Ribs Dallas,
Dessert-Brisket from Black's Lockhart,
Drink-Dublin Dr Pepper

Yes, I like brisket for dessert. :)

Drew Thornley said...

Twitter response:

Moist brisket, a link, white bread, pickle & onions. Sides & dessert? Soon you'll be asking for a fork & a plate! And God forbid SAUCE!!

(then I asked whose brisket and whose sausage and whether he wanted to add a third meat)

@JohnMuellerBBQ's moist brisket and his sausage link. 3rd meat? How about the burnt end he greets you with?

Drew Thornley said...

Twitter response:

Gotta go with @JohnMuellerBBQ's moist brisket, prime rib, and beef short ribs (with spicy sauce), a slice of sweaty cheddar cheese and jalapeño sausage as my sides, with a sweet tea. No need to mix and match once you've had the best ever.

Drew Thornley said...

Twitter response:

My favorite BBQ meal would have to be dry links, crackers, cheese and table sauce at 8 am every Sunday with my Dad. And a Bud and a Bud Light for dessert.

Drew Thornley said...

Twitter response:

no question: @JohnMuellerBBQ brisket, prime rib with spicy sauce and a side of extra brisket.

Drew Thornley said...

Twitter response:

Opies Pork ribs & beans. Franklin Brisket & Pulled Pork. Rudys Creamed Corn. SaltLick Blackberry Cobbler. Billy BrewQ ale

Drew Thornley said...

Twitter response:

@johnmuellerbbq, outside cut moist w/ burnt, caramel ends, sausage from @thesaltlick or @johnmuellerbbq again. NO SAUCE.

negatorian said...

Brisket -- Louie Mueller's

Beef Rib -- Louie Mueller

Sausage -- Longoria's in Everman (Owner takes pieces of brisket after it's sliced, grinds it, seasons it and makes some of the best sausage around)

Side 1: Sweet potato fries -- Roscoe's Smokehouse in Burleson

Side 2: Pulled Pork -- Roscoe's Smokehouse in Burleson (Yes this would be a side in my ideal meal)

Dessert: Peach cobbler -- Louie Mueller's

Tums -- the closest Walgreens.

Brad said...

Brisket - Franklin
Pork ribs - City Market (Luling)
Pork chop - Cooper's

Spicy corn - Opie's

Peach cobbler - Louie Mueller
2nd side TBD

Shiner Bock

Kevin K. said...


here's my meal (i only had one meat to deal with, but was MORE than happy):

jmbbq brisket
pickled jalapeno
white bread
sharp cheddar
beer (not shown)

Kevin Kelly

casey said...

Moist Brisket from Franklin BBQ.

Beef Rib from Louie Mueller's.

Pork ribs from Opie's.

sides: sausage from Smitty's and pulled pork from Johnny T's.

Jon Camfield said...

Cubrito - Cooper's
Pork Ribs - Opie's
Brisket - Ruby's

Beans - Cooper's
white bread and jalapenos - any BBQ joint worth going to

Drink: Shiner

Joe Wagner said...

Franklin - Brisket
Beef Rib - Louis Mueller
Sausage - Black's
Peach Cobbler - Harold's
Second Dessert/roadie Chili from Hashknife.

Two Bros Barbeque Beans with Peaches