Saturday, December 4, 2010

Reader Review: The Smoke Pit (Fort Worth, TX)

Reviewed by: Brett Helweg

I figured I would at least submit a BBQ restaurant in the DFW restaurant that doesn't fall into the category of "chain"; considering that is basically all we have. The restaurant is on 2401 E. Belknap, FTW TX 76111. They have daily specials, and the only items I have had off of the menu are the Smoked Chicken and Rib Plate (pork). Also, the waitresses walk around in bikini tops, which is a plus.

The smoked chicken was nothing less than brilliant; which takes place on Thursdays ($7.95, comes with a side of fries). The ribs are also excellent; which I thought were on par with some of the BBQ places we tried during our trip in May (that Jacob, Teddy, Heath, and Steve submitted reviews for).

Now, I'm not BBQ expert or connoisseur, but I've been around enough of my Dad's & Grandad's BBQ enough to know what would fall under quality. Personally, I have enjoyed the only two items I have ordered in the past (Half Smoked Chicken and the Pork Rib Plate); the Smoked Chicken especially. I can't say I have been to many BBQ restaurants that serve half chicken on the bone that isn't dry, but The Smoke Pit does it right buddy.

Also saw today that happy hour is 2PM to 9PM Monday - Friday, and all day Saturday ($2 dollar drafts, $2.50 Longnecks) at this place. So if some people that follow your blog check this place out and don't like the food, they can at least get some cheap beer to forget about it. I've personally never been to this place outside of lunch, but I would imagine the happy hour (or 7 happy hours) would be an interesting experience.

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