Monday, December 13, 2010

Our Franklin Barbecue brisket winner is...

Craig Holmes (Austin, TX)

And here are the answers to the contest's 3 trivia questions:

Question 1: Where is the brick-and-mortar location that Franklin Barbecue will soon call home? 900 E. 11th St. (former Ben's Long Branch Barbecue/J. Kelly's Barbecue location) Date TBD, but they're hoping for the first week of January!!!

Question 2: What kind of brisket does Franklin Barbecue serve? Meyer all natural angus

Question 3: What are the names of Franklin Barbecue's BBQ sauces? Pork, Sweet, & Espresso (There's also hot sauce on the table. So, being in the holiday spirit, I accepted any 3 of these 4.)


Dave Winter said...

Hahaahah... Glad to see Jobie getting in on the winner selection with his nose.

Anonymous said...

From Minimal Parking, and No Heat or A/C to Minimal Parking, No Heat or A/C, in fact, I think the Bathroom at the currently location is actually better.

I hope they don't attempt to use the Southern Pride Smoker that is built in there...I mean that is a good unit, but I have never had BBQ as good as they got out of a SP unit.