Monday, December 20, 2010

State champs? Check. Good BBQ? You decide.

If you're like I am, you're bemoaning the fact that the high school football season is over. Go ahead and make fun, but it's awesome. Anyway, I'm looking for any chance I can to keep it going in some shape, form, or fashion. To that end, here are the towns that are home to one of this year's state champs. But are they home to good Texas BBQ? Which town has better BBQ in each classification? Who has the best BBQ of all of them? C'mon, indulge me. I'm just having a hard time letting go of the season.

Garden City (1A Six-Man Division 1)
Richland Springs (1A Six-Man Division 2)
Mart (1A Division 1)
Falls City (1A Division 2)
Daingerfield (2A Division 1)
Idalou (2A Division 2)
Henderson (3A Division 1)
Carthage (3A Division 2)
Lakeway (Lake Travis, 4A Division 1)
Aledo (4A Division 2)
Pearland (5A Division 1)
Cibolo (Steele, 5A Division 2)


Drew Thornley said...

FTR, I think the only BBQ joints I've been to in these towns are Buster's (Lakeway) and Harmon's (Cibolo).

Kimberly Davis said...

Pearland has Central Texas BBQ, which is very good.