Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Some guys get all the luck.

Austin's very own Craig Holmes was the lucky winner of our Franklin Barbecue brisket giveaway. I've been anxious to hear about his prize, and here he is with the scoop:

It got a little crazy after the brisket got unwrapped so I'm sorry for not getting any more pictures. Imagine the scene if you threw a freshly skinned goat into the Amazon river and a school of piranhas went to work on it. That's about what it looked like at my house.

Anyway, I picked the brisket up about noon on Sunday and brought it home to enjoy while watching the Cowboys-Redskins game with some buddies. The brisket was about a 5-6 pounder and it was delicious...every bit as good as if we'd eaten it right there on the picnic table next to Franklin's trailer. The brisket was very moist and almost ripped apart on its own. The bark was great, smoke ring was perfect, cooked to perfection really. Most people opted for some fatty brisket cut from the point, but others (especially the ladies) opted for some leaner slices from the flat. You really couldn't go wrong with either one. We made short work of it and I was left with maybe a half pound of brisket after it was all over. It was very good and we all agreed that you should hold more contests in the future, haha!

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