Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Leslie Brenner responds to Daniel Vaughn.

Here is Dallas Morning News restaurant critic Leslie Brenner's response to Texas BBQ blogger Daniel Vaughn's concern about Leslie's Best BBQ in Dallas article.

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Unknown said...

I love how Leslie's response isn't, "I didn't do it," but was instead, "I am not required to give you credit."
Her response completely misses the point. This isn't thirty years ago where being a news reporter is some lofty idealistic position. We are not talking about reporting on foreign policy here, it's restaurant reviews. In this new age of technology, internet bloggers often times have as much, if not more credibility than traditional journalists. Especially when it involves topics such as BBQ.
What would you rather read, a critique by someone who is paid, or a review by someone who spends their own time and money just because of their love?
It would have taken two seconds for Leslie to begin her article with a shoutout to Daniel. It would have added credibility. It would have added that cool factor. In the end, whether it's legalistic or not, it was the right thing to do.